Camel Rides

Arabian Nightesque
Adventure in Nambia

Bring your desert tour dreams to life on the back of the iconic dromedary, the camel. Engage with the powerful desert creatures in their arid terrain, a unique and surprisingly graceful experience. Traversing the undulating waves of the Namib desert on a camel is an inspiring process. Fall in love with Nature’s arid tapestry on one of her most awe-inspiring creations. Arabian Nightesque Adventure in Namibia.

Camel Rides  in Swakopmund

Mount the famed ‘Ship of the Desert’ as you glide through the arid beauty of the Namib desert.  During your excursion to Swakopmund Camel Farm,  garbed in Bedouin kitsch, you’ll get to experience the life of a desert traveller. Your camel ride will elevate you to a different point of view. Enjoy a thrilling epiphany in the desert during your unique Namibian safari adventure.

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