Sandwich Harbour 4×4

4×4 Adventure of a Lifetime

Sandwich Harbour 4×4 scenic excursions are the perfect way to explore this unique location for regular travellers and photographers alike. This exciting drive is an opportunity to engage with the fantastic landscapes and sceneries created by the collision of giant sand and the Atlantic. Cruise into this world of exceptional beauty filled with epic scenes and wildlife.

Sandwich Harbour 4×4 Excursions in Swakopmund

Cruise through Sandwich Harbour’s scenic splendour from the Kuiseb river delta to the Namib Desert. Your drive will expose you to Southern Africa’s richest wetlands and mudflats, including some of Namibia’s most famous dunes.  Encounter unforgettable wildlife like the black-backed jackal, the oryx, and springbok as you revel in this excitement-packed four-wheel adventure.

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